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So frustrating!

I can’t stand not having that much time for my little girl anymore. I feel horrible when I am feeding, holding or just taking care of Adrian’s needs when she asks for me to carry or or hold her, but I am just too busy at the time. And all of it combined, the frustration, the tiredness, the crying, the trying to make everyone happy and doing the chores and, well, being a Stay At Home Mom… is eating away at me.

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Sorry, Isa. I had to do it.

I tried finding a photo of Peanut’s head tilt but got nothing, really. Here’s the next best thing:

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A looong overdue update from Isa…

hhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnvrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr     Awer`  DSTGHHJBHJUUPOLOO9OO998899990OO

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Another development!

My little monkey girl has been doing somersaults lately, and she kicks butt at it 🙂

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Well, I feel selfish…

I have been so concerned with Adrian being born and my pregnancy aches, pains, and discomforts that I haven’t even thought about Isabella turning 2 soon!! I have made comments about it, I have told people how old she is/will be, but it just now occurred to me. Just now. Literally. And now I feel like a terrible mom. I feel so selfish and negligent. We know only one person here (now, he is married, though – haven’t met her yet), so it’ll be a small, private celebration.

Nonetheless, I am super excited about my little girl reaching her 2-year mark! Yay! I love my baby girl so much even though she’s been quite the handful these last few weeks. I love you, Isa pop! You are without a doubt my pride and mini-Joy* 😀

*Oh, yeah. My nickname is “Joy” 🙂

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My beautiful munchkin girl!

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Daddy’s Girl

Increasingly it has been occurring that when Isabella first wakes up, she either asks for or looks for her daddy.  I swear, she even says “Where’s daddy?” sometimes.  It’s just cute to see her start to just wonder where he is.  Every time she hears the neighbors come in the the building or go into/leave their place she thinks it’s Daddy Alex & gets all excited.

Speaking of getting excited, she also saves all her run-around-the-house-and-go-nuts energy for whenever he comes home.  Haha.  Now that can get a little bothersome, especially on Alex’s later days at work.

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I have reaaaaally been slacking with Isabella’s blog!!

She has had numerous developments within the past several weeks alone, such as comprehending what it means to be “cold” (she already knew “hot” – and, yes.  She can tell the difference between the two.)

She has learned “Don’t touch”, although she is still very testy with that term and likes to see what she can still get away with.  She knows when not to include “Don’t”. For instance, if she pets the dogs she will just say “Touch”, but if she is upset or mocking us she will say “Don’t touch!” and hold her hands outwards as if in a STOP! signal.

She has learned the names of 2/3 of her little Pocoyo toys and calls them by the correct name instead of ALLLL of them being called “Pacabah!” (<<she’s getting there ^_^) or “Ellie!”

The American Sign for “more” has seemed to resurface from her memory.  One of her Aunts taught her this back in July, so when she really wants something she will impress us with her Sign Language skill and been just using it more and more.

And instead of whining, she calls for “Help!” when she needs – or just would like – help.



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I keep reading posts about my friends and their babies (particularly those still in the womb) & it’s making me reminisce about when Isabella was still in my belly.  *sigh*  One of my my most fond memories was when I first did Isabella’s laundry.  I washed everything she had using Dreft, and the scent took over the entire laundry room and bedroom & now that smell forever reminds me of my brand new baby girl.  I was beginning to miss the smell when I realized “Oh, yeah.  I’ve got another wee one on the way!  I can do this all over again!  Mwahaha!!” Well, maybe without that maniacal laugh ^_^

No more than an hour old

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Munchkin Madness!

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